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An Online Social and Dating Community for Crossdressers, Sissies, Cuckolds, Bi-curious Men, and Admirers


Join Circle of Q to meet like-minded friends for safe, discreet socializing and flirty recreational play—via group chat, messaging, voice and video chat, special online events, or in person.

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Circle of Q is…

Exclusive. Circle of Q is a dedicated online community and dating site for crossdressers, sissies, transfemmes, cuckolds, bi-curious males, male tops, and admirers. Everyone here understands and respects your desires.

Private. From her years of working with CDs and admirers, both professionally and recreationally, co-founder Ava Durga knows how critical it is to protect your identity. And as a secret sissy with a vanilla alpha life, Becca is sensitive to this herself. The only information we collect is your e-mail address and screen name (unless you request verification), and we never share or abuse it. Your real name and payment information is kept by our payment processor, not us.

Real. There’s a real person behind every profile you see here. Did you know that fake profiles are sold by the thousands to dating sites to help lure you in? We won’t do that. We also screen profiles to help filter out scammers and bots. So while our numbers may be relatively small at first, every member is genuine.

Fun, Flirtatious, Liberating! Dress and express yourself any way you choose—and find friends and playmates who like you that way. Explore your deepest desires without shame or fear—and meet others who enjoy them, too. Be reserved. Be flirty. Be an observer. Be a social butterfly. Be whoever you are, or want to become, among a safe community of friends.

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Sissy Becca is a prototypical sissy in that she lives two lives… one as an alpha male and the other as a submissive sissy who has completely embraced her own sexuality.  It took Becca 15 years to evolve from a scared little girl trying on stockings for the first time, to buying her first pair of shoes, to having the closet full of sexy sissy clothes, shoes, wigs, and makeup that she has today.

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Ms. Ava’s Monthly Group Video Socials

Full members can participate in engaging, educational, inspiring, or entertaining  topics and online activities just for you, hosted by Ms, Ava, Becca, and special guests.

Some Themes We Will Explore:

  • *Dress-up Nights
  • *Story Time
  • *Themed Discussions
  • *Open Mic Nights
  • *Video Nights
  • *Freeform Q&A

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Welcome to Circle of Q

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