Membership Info

Membership Requirements

Friends of Ava is for discerning cross-dressers, male bottoms, transwomen, cuckolds, couples, and their male admirers or tops anywhere in the world. It’s a private virtual community where you can meet like-minded others for socializing and sexy recreational play—via e-mail, chat, webcam, special online events, or in-person friendship and play.

Ms. Ava Durga screens and interviews every applicant before inviting them to join. Membership is at her discretion.*

Disqualifiers include:

  • Refusal to share adequate information for screening.
  • Criminal history, excluding traffic violations or irrelevant nonviolent offenses.
  • Unable to verify employment or professional history.
  • Indications of hate speech toward any group.
  • Attitudes or expectations incongruent with the spirit of Friends of Ava.
  • No member may ask for money or solicit any type of business.

A one-time application fee of $100 covers the cost of screening and includes your first month of membership. Membership is $49/month thereafter.

Sissy Parlor clients are automatically eligible for membership and  are exempt from the application fee.

How to Join

1. Submit the membership application. I’ll respond with instructions for scheduling our interview (phone or webcam). 

2. During our conversation, we’ll get acquainted and I’ll explain the screening process. You’ll be asked for  basic personal information for screening and  a criminal history check.  ( Your personal information is never linked to your Friends of Ava account.)

3. At some point, I’ll verify your identity by webcam or video.

4. Once you’re approved, you’ll be admitted to the group so you can set up a profile and start mingling!

*My screening process can’t guarantee someone’s character. Members assume all risks of participating in this group and meeting other members. Always take appropriate measures to protect your safety and privacy. Report suspicious or unacceptable behavior immediately.

Member Benefits

  • Post a profile and search for others with compatible interests, ranging from cyber friends to activity partners to playmates.
  • Communicate privately via e-mail, chat, or webcam.
  • Learn about private parties and social opportunities for members.
  • Share your writing, images, and videos.
  • Attend monthly group web chats or online socials hosted by Ms. Ava. Examples:
    • Exhibitionist Nights (come show off your sexy best on cam and watch others do the same)
    • Erotic Story Time
    • Themed Discussions
    • Open Mic Nights (share your hookup tales or express your desires aloud)
    •  Video Nights (let’s play Mystery Science Theater 2000 with porn)
    • Freeform Q&A with Ms. Ava and/or special guests

Coming soon:

  • Safe call service (details TBA)
  • When the COVID-19 risk has passed and I resume live sessions, you could have that FB or double-sissy scenario you’ve dreamed of. Find another member with a compatible scenario, book a session together, and split my fee. Voila! An extra-special fantasy or FemDom session for each of you at a half the cost.

Friends of Ava is…

Exclusive. Only M2F cross-dressers, pantyboys, male bottoms, transwomen, couples, and male admirers or tops may join. Membership requires screening and approval by Ms. Ava.

Inclusive. Members may have diverse interests, kinks, roles, and levels of engagement, but are typically nonjudgmental and friendly. I envision Friends of Ava growing into a large but close-knit and supportive community.

Open. Everyone’s fetishes and fantasies are welcome (with a few exceptions).

Private. Privacy is paramount here. Your personal information is not attached to your account, so your identity remains safe. Members pledge to safeguard the privacy and safety of all members, and never to share information about members or activities outside the group without permission.

Fun, Flirtatious, Liberating! Dress and express yourself in any way you choose—and find friends who like you that way. Explore your deepest desires without shame or fear—and engage with others who enjoy them, too. Be reserved. Be outrageous. Be an observer. Be a social butterfly. Be whoever you are, or want to become, among a safe community of friends.