About Friends of Ava

Friends of Ava is a global private  network of cross-dressers, TGs, male bottoms, playful couples, and male tops looking for compatible friends and playmates.

Members remain anonymous, but there are no real strangers here. You’re only 2 degrees of separation every other member, with me as the center.

My virtual community is for those who

  • want to meet others for cyber friendship or in-person meetings.
  • are frustrated with the fakes, flakes, hustlers, and timewasters on apps and dating sites.
  • worry about the risks of outing, blackmail, drama, or violence.
  • aren’t keen on communicating with strangers, but would be comfortable with “a friend of a friend.”

That friend is me.

I screen and interview all applicants before inviting them to join. While my basic screening can’t guarantee someone’s good character, it helps restrict membership to people I’d feel comfortable introducing to a friend. Including you.

Once you’re approved and join, you can look for new friends through searches and participate in private chat, discussions, web socials, member events, and more.

Membership Costs

One-time application fee of $100: covers screening, interview, and your first month of membership.

Monthly membership: $49

A Word From Ava Durga

In case you don’t know me, I work with cross-dressers, pantyboys, sissies, cuckolds, and their male admirers worldwide through The Sissy Parlor and NiteFlirt. Most are responsible, conscientious, intelligent people with jobs, families, businesses, and reputations to protect. I adore them.

Many would love to find friends for candid talk and/or naughty fun, whether online or in person. But they typically share the same frustration and concerns:

“Ms. Ava, how can I find real people to play with?”

Hookup apps and dating sites are risky. Some have nefarious intent and Swiss cheese privacy. Your profile may show up in public view or on other sites. Anyone with an e-mail address can set up a profile. Scammers, fakes, flakes, timewasters, potential extortionists, and people without basic manners abound. Anonymity is the enemy of accountability.

Your time, your privacy, and your safety are precious. So are your opportunities for friendship and fun, whatever type you choose.

I created Friends of Ava in response to that need. A closed community of pre-screened people with compatible interests is a safer, more personal, and more efficient way to meet others for M2F-related friendship and play.

If this resonates with you and you meet the membership criteria, apply to join us today.

~Ms. Ava Durga